The resell group devoted to making you profits. The root to your success. We are a premium discord-based group providing you with all the tools, services and guidance you need to make profits.
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Profits $3.5M Profits Generated Together
Profits 5-6 Monthly Success Per Member
Members 1,000 Happy Members
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Features Providing everything you need to make profits.
Feature Squared Tools Innovative, excellent and easy to use software, free with your Notify Squared membership! All our members get access to an All-In-One Tools bot, an auto-checkout extension, a location spoofer and more, at no extra charge! Find out more about the tools you need to get a reselling advantage here.
Feature Instant Notifications Thanks to our incisive technology and staff, we'll ensure you never miss another restock, drop alert or heads up on a profitable opportunity again! We provide instant notifications via our Discord group & via SMS alerts to ensure you are always in the loop
Feature Private Groupbuys Due to our great list of partners and friends in the industry, we regular provide our members with exclusive Groupbuys for some of the best bots, proxies and other services in reselling! Our frequent Groupbuys include, but are not limited to, our amazing list of partners here!
Feature Premium Restock Monitors We work hard to ensure that our members never miss any restocks or shock drops by providing the fastest monitors for a huge array of stores. Just some of the most popular sites we provide lightning fast monitors for include Supreme, over 100 Shopify stores (eg Kith, Undefeated, ShopNiceKicks), Footsites, Nike, Adidas, Yeezy Supply, Hibbett, Off-White, Solebox, SNS, Mesh and many, many more!
Feature Profits Beyond Sneakers At Notify Squared, your profits go beyond our expertise in Sneakers and Clothing. We provide our members with an extensive array of expert analysis and information to deliver you profits in areas such as: US & EU Lowkey Flips, In Store Flips, Toys & Funko, Bot Flipping, Brick Flipping, Sports Card Reselling, Pokemon Card Reselling, Dropshipping, Hot Wheels Reselling, Price Errors & Discounts, Console and PC parts reselling and more!
Feature Unrivaled 24/7 Support At Notify Squared, we pride ourselves on the excellent support we offer our members, whether via a personal ticket, 1 on 1 support with our staff or in our friendly chat channels. Regardless of if you're new to reselling, experienced or a pro in the resell game, we'll answer every single question you have until you're 100% satisfied. We're available for you 24/7. We're here to help!
Feature In-House Safe Bot Rentals Ever wanted to try out a new bot, but didn't want to spend the full price on it? Or maybe you own a bot that you don't need to use on a few drops. Whatever the case, at Notify Squared we offer a revolutionary in-house program, allowing our members to rent out, or rent for us, a huge variety of the best bots on the market! Managed and protected by our own staff team, you don't need to worry about scams or rental issues when renting inside Notify Squared.
Feature Informative Guides We provide exceptionally detailed Release Guides, Sitelists, Resell Predictions, Sneaker Hold vs Sell Guides, Exclusive Purchase Methods, Video Tutorials as well as a highly informative 20+ page online documentation, covering all the information anyone needs on reselling, unique site information and tips on how best to use Notify Squared to make huge profits!
Feature Exclusive Information & Early Links Thanks to our variety of sources, we're able to provide our members with Early Links for major sites such as Kith, Shoe Palace, ShopeNiceKicks and more. Our insider information doesn't end there! We have a multiple plugs in our group who provide our members with accurate information on stock numbers, drop times and shock drop warnings for sites such as Footsites, Nike SNKRS, In-Store Drops & Events and more!
Feature Auto-Checkout Slots We provide our members with free / cheap slots on almost every profitable drop there is. Simply fill a form and we'll do the rest for you. Getting success has never been easier!
Feature USA + Europe Support We work hard to ensure that no matter where you're from, you'll make profits with us. That's why we offer extensive support for both EU and USA regions.
Our Partners Exclusive Groupbuys with the Best Partners.
Our Tools Custom software to give you reselling advantages. Tools Squared Tools Squared Tools is our in-house AIO Tools Bot, providing a vast array of features to aid your reselling. Squared Tools supports both Windows and Mac systems. Squared Tools currently provides members with a Google One-Click Generator, Account Generator working on a huge number of sites, Proxy Generator, Auto Link Opener, Spoof Browser to help you bypass queues & splash pages, Sales Tracker to easily and efficiently manage all your profits, Profile Converter and Cookie Generator to make your botting life easier. Tools Location Spoofer The Notify Squared Location Spoofer works on both Windows and Mac systems, and supports iOS and android. Our location spoofing software allows you to quickly and easily spoof your location to anywhere in the world with just the click of a button.
Browser Extension The Notify Squared Auto-Checkout extension works on both Windows and Mac systems, and only requires you to have Chrome installed. The provides a completely automated checkout experience, through our autofill, auto-checkout, and add-to-cart solutions. Our auto-checkout extension supports some of the biggest sites in reselling, including Supreme, Shopify, YeezySupply, Footsites, Adidas, Bestbuy, JDSports, FinishLine, Hibbett and loads others.
FAQ We're here to help
What are the requirements to join Notify Squared?
Notify Squared uses a Discord server. Discord can be accessed on all web browsers and also through the desktop, macOS, iOS and Android apps. This means everyone can easily access our service. We also offer a variety of in-house tools and bots which work on both MacOS and Windows.
How much is Notify Squared?
Notify Squared is currently priced at $35 monthly and is an automatically recurring payment that can be cancelled at any time via our user-friendly dashboard.
How can I cancel my membership?
Your Notify Squared membership can be cancelled at any time via the click of a button. Simply go to our dashboard and set it to cancel.
How will I make profits?
We provide an extensive number of ways for our members to make huge profits on a daily basis. The fundamentals of what we do is help users purchase items for their RRP, and then resell them for an amount above this, giving our members often lucrative profit margins!
What payment methods are accepted?
We use Stripe to process all payments, meaning we accept all major credit cards. You can find out more here
How do I join Notify Squared?
We let new members in via occasional restocks and more regularly through our waiting list. Make sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram accounts and turn post notifications on to find out when we next restock!